Hop Burp Faves?

I make no secret to being a hophead. One of my favorite parts about drinking a really hoppy India Pale Ale is the resultant hoppy burps. Think I’m crass all you like, but the nose-tingling citrusy-sharp feeling you get all over your upper airways from a super hoppy beer’s carbonation is brilliant.

I was relishing one just now while drinking a Kernel Citra and Chinook IPA and got to thinking about which hops give the best hop burps. Help me out here, people? Obviously Chinook is up there, being a quintessential American flavor hop, but what other ones give you kicks up your nasal cavity? If you don’t know the hops that go into a particular beer, but have one that sprung into mind as a result of reading this, let me know the name. I’ll find out the hops. :)

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