So, Future Plans?

The blog is dead. Long live… the blog?

  • What seems to me was the de facto RSS reader, and thus peoples’ main way of staying current with blogs, is going to be buried by Google in July. As a result, the signal-to-noise ratio of blogs will decrease as each update is pushed out to fewer and fewer regular users and has to fight for attention on social media.
  • “Blogging” these seems to be either about essay-length researched posts or reposting images found on tumblr. Or about spewing out 400 words of opinionated twaddle, linking to a few tweets or a news story before going on a tangent about personal grievances.
  • A lot of people read things on-the-go, on devices as powerful as yesterday’s supercomputers but with the screen real estate of a credit card. This doesn’t lend itself well to fancypants layouts or supremely long posts.

Why, then, am I thinking about a blog being the ideal format for a project I’m thinking of throwing myself headlong into?

The definitive volume on beer, the most sought-after beer in the world. I've got 'em both.

The definitive volume on beer, the most sought-after beer in the world. I’ve got ‘em both.

Inspired by Sheriff Mitchell‘s fantastic Oh Beery Me!, getting fairly seriously into brewing at home and on occasion commercially, and pursuing things like Officially Knowing Something About Beer has lead me into thinking about documenting something like a year’s inquiry into the beverage.

In an ideal world, it would involve a daily post of something informative, pithy and funny. More realistically, I have a precarious job situation that often involves erratic and antisocial scheduling, so committing to a daily post schedule would be daunting. This project would encompass everything from beer reviews (I drink enough of the stuff to warrant throwing my two cents into a pot), experiments with brewing at home, travelogues If I have the luck and money to go places, and reports of any brewery- and brew-related events I may attend. My reservation with setting out on this is the commitment: How often to post? How long, and how detailed? And is this anything but a commitment to ego, to shouting into the void about how much I REALLY LOVE QUALITY BEER?

Mikkeller Monk's Brew

I got to try Monk’s Brew. It was good. That is all.

I’m based in London, which continues to foment with all things brewing. It does get documented, both with anthropologico-scientific precision¬†and more narratively with personal flair. Would there be room for another voice in the crowd?

I can’t claim to have a fraction of the way with words as Andrew did and still does with Oh Beery Me, or the scatological penchant for ruining my palate that Nate has demonstrated. I can’t compete with the knowledge amassed in books like Randy Mosher‘s or Jamil Zainasheff‘s. And neither am I a complete beginner, someone just at the start of their discovery of the world’s best drink to hold the hands of other newbies. But I think who I am and where I am could add value over the course of a year, if properly categorized and referenced, with all my i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

I think it would entail the end of this blog in its current form, replaced with a new title, new layout, possibly even a new publishing platform. Basically, whether or not I would embark on this crazy adventure depends on the question asked by people who fund stuff through Kickstarter, or by people wanting to do stuff for free for the enjoyment of others:

Would there be any interest?

Let me know.

Tell me the blog isn’t dead.

3 thoughts on “So, Future Plans?

  1. Yes, there’s interest! From China at least! For a poor correspondent, its one of the ways I, at least vicariously, follow what you’re up to in London! I say long live your blog / new beer blog!

  2. Igor: Thing is I prefer feed aggregation too, conceptually (even if I ditched Reader over a year ago and have not used a replacement). Other things are just… messy.

    Andrew: Thanks, glad to know that you’re reading. I’ll continue writing (sporadically) in some form or other, I know.

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